“Incredible trilogy. Definitely not to be missed.” — Literal Addiction 

“The book doesn’t skimp on any details, making this a highly pleasurable read. 4 stars!” — RTBookReviews (on SKIN)

“A super sexy debut novel in a new erotica trilogy unlike anything I’ve read before.” — Literal Addiction 

“This book was hot hot hot! from start to finish.  If you read erotica, buy this book. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. This super sexy erotic novel was fun from start to finish.” — To Each Their Own Reviews

“This is a quick and imaginative read unlike any I’ve read. I can’t think of any erotic stories where the lovers are never tangibly together and it’s still one of the most scintillating and sexy accounts to get me hot and bothered.” — Smut and Bonbons

“Windows is one of those erotic books that catch(es) you off guard and hold(s) you hostage, it never lets you go …an absolute must read.” — Book Pages and Dripping Ink

“This is a funny, erotic and very sexy story…  Can’t wait for Screen to come out. Thanks Michele Renae for a perfect erotic story.” — Kat’s Book Reviews

“There was something so engaging about this novel that you simply could not put it down. The story was funny, so sexy and erotic, lighthearted…you are simply captivated by the main characters.” — Deluged With Books Cafe

“Artful voyeurism at its best, the two volley between windows, each act bolder than the next. Readers are exposed to an incredibly honest insight into the inner workings of women. First in a trilogy, Renae has me hooked already. Cliffhangers be damned, bring on the second book please!” — Wanderlust Novelista

“This author has gotten on my radar, as well as the series. What a ride, the writing was thought provoking and beautiful. What an amazing debut!” — Busy Moms Book Reviews

“This story was more romantic than I expected it to be and I loved it. I definitely recommend this book!” — J Luvs Books

“If you’re looking for a short, steamy, well-written novella, give this one a shot.” — Kimberly Faye Reads

“Window is…a really fun and sizzly story.” — Nom de Plume Press